Minnow Gripper

Hang It, Rig It, Tie It, Clip It

Made in the U.S.A.

Holds Up to 175 LBS & Weights Only .35 Ounces

( Yes The Minnow Gripper Is Stronger Than Its Bigger Brother The Mighty Gripper )

These heavy-duty tarp clips create a grommet instantly on any material. Powerful cross-hatch surface gripping jaws clench tighter as tension is applied. Great for fastening plastic sheeting, drop cloths, tarps. etc. Holds fast to canopies, awnings, pool covers, towels, BBQ covers, sails, cables and bags, netting and hunting blinds. They open wide enough for clamping any material up to ¼" thick and are crack resistant to 35° below zero.

Category: EDC, Tacticool

Type: Tacticool

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