Covert Titanium Lock Pick Manipulation Card

Gen 2: Now clearly notes "Titanium" which is laser-etched, on the front center-based numerous customer requests

The Covert Titanium Lock Pick Manipulation Card is both compact and versatile for all EDC needs in the field or at home. The kit is laser cut from a single sheet of Grade 4 Titanium with amazing .001mm precision for ultra-smooth corners and clean design.

The kit has an adhesive backing which can be stuck together to a credit card to make the kit completely blend in with your wallet if ever inspected. ( Check the pics for an example )

Don't use it for any lock that is not on your own property or without approval, as the user is responsible for any doors you may unlock...

Amaze your friends, while preparing for your new career as a locksmith.

Category: EDC, Tacticool

Type: Tacticool

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