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October 30, 2013


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Review: Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger

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Green bag with pals webbing present, load straps under the main flap with over sized buckle, single oversized strap toward back of bag, on white background

Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger

I bought the Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger bag about 6 months ago after searching off and on for a couple weeks on what the best bag for my use would be. I was looking for a bag where I could conceal a larger pistol (I have a Minnesota Permit to Carry) and also easily carry a couple of things I use on an everyday basis (Tablet PC, Leatherman, Flashlight, Lunch, Jacket, et al.), I also knew that my son was going to be born about 6 months after I purchased this bag and wanted a diaper bag that did not look all frilly and dainty.

My big draw to this bag was that the manufacturer and multiple paid shills on YouTube (Read: Sootch), had touted this bag as having a compartment (Camelbak pocket) in the bag where you could hook and loop a holster to the inside of this pocket and then easily slide the bag around on its nice over-sized sling to deploy the pistol. BUT, it turns out that when you sling the bag from your back to the front, this pocket faces downward and makes it impossible to access your firearm while wearing the bag.

Two of the same bag are present in the image, both in coyote brown, the first image is slightly sideways on the left hand side of the image with a hydration bag and tube coming out of the most rear pocket on the bag, the second bay to the right is face down, with the back pointing toward you demonstrating that a pistol could be easily concealed within the large pocket of the bag on a hook and loop holster, the image reads "Maxpedition #0410 Monsoon Gearslinger (Khaki)" and then "Rear pocket can be used as a hydration or CCW pocket." next line: "Hydration bladder and other sample items are not included" the PALS webbing is also very evident on this image both on the strap and the sides of the bag, along with the oversized buckle on the sling.

Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger, Holster and Hydration Pocket

See the second image in this article as a demonstration of how the manufacturer itends it’s use, and also imagine slinging that bag to your front and trying to draw your weapon.

Manufacturer’s Philosophy of Use

Maxpedition intends for it’s gearslinger bag to be a bag that the urban or suburban prepared person can use everyday while running errands and going to and fro from work.

The amazon description for this bag is: “”The Monsoon GearSlinger (#0410) is our large size single shoulder pack with over 1600 total cu. in. of total capacity. Based on a triangular design, the main compartment contains numerous internal accessory pockets.”

Rugged enough for the field and also designed for urban & suburban applications, the original Monsoon™ Gearslinger® carries on your right shoulder and sits on your left hip. It features a durable teardrop-shaped design that includes a spacious main compartment, back-to-back pockets, fixed shoulder strap & concealable waist strap, internal MP3 player pouch & rubberized headphone port and a water resistant protective over-flap. Dual hydration pockets accommodate a 100oz/3L hydration reservoir and 32oz/1L water bottle to help keep you hydrated on long trips (sold separately).

How I use this bag

I have used this bag now as a EDC bag to carry my lunch to work, carry a spare jacket and a couple of tools with me, and it works really well. The single strap does effectively distribute the weight without even having to use the waist band strap. I do live in a semi-urban area and do travel into the urban areas of Minneapolis on a fairly regular basis, this bag does work well walking long distances, just as well as it does getting in and out of the car.

The large buckle on the strap makes getting in and out of the car with this bag a breeze.

As a diaper bag, this bag really excels there seems to be exactly the right amount of room to keep a 12 diapers or so, some wipes, a change of clothes for the baby, and a cloth to change the baby on. As the child starts walking I will be able to add a IFAK onto the pals webbing on the front of the bag to tend to the my kid’s ouchies on the playground.


I do enjoy this bag a-lot, and do use it everyday but my biggest drawback is the reviews that the paid shills on YouTube gave this bag. Granted, I knew they were paid shills going into buying this bag, but I really didn’t think they would have misrepresented this one so bad as something that you can quickly deploy as weapon from.

AND it does work great as a diaper bag.