Anodized Peanut Lighters by Maratac REV2

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Constructed of Space Grade Aluminum the Lighter Rev 2 Anodized family is unique in both its design and function. Like it's big brother the "Peanut Lighter", the Split Pea is very popular due to their ability to be carried in your pants pocket or stored with your camping equipment for a long period of time without the fluid drying out. These lighters use standard liquid lighter fluid that you will need to add on your own.

Make sure to keep one in your: First Aid Kit, EDC / Prepper Bag, Car, Kitchen, Backpack…

Here's what we came up with to improve it:

Manufactured out of T6061 Aerospace Grade Aluminum
Peanut Dimension = ( 1.85'' x .55 ")
Weight: 16.9 Grams